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notorious outlawed dacoits robbing rich, comforting poor,spreading terror.

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banglar dakat

Raghu, for whose capture Government had offered a handsome reward. But like Robin Hood of old, Raghu Dacoit had caught popular fancy by his generosity to the poor.

Once upon a time, Bengal's dreaded bandits used to announce their arrival with the blood-curdling "Ha re re re" cry that had an immobilizing effect on the victims.

Circa 1898, 24 Paraganas, North. Tearing apart the closely knit blanket of silence, rushes in the deafening cry "Ha re re re": The dacoits have come. Feared and respected, Raghu Dakat is the man Kolikata is the refuge of. Starting out with humble beginnings, it did not take Raghu much time to shoot to prominence and claim his position as the Sardaar (leader) of the dacoits. The Thengariyas followed him blindly, loyal to the very core: would take and lay lives if needs be. Instill fear among the cruel feuds, earn respect of the poor, attack the mighty structure of the East India Company. Take down the feuds in the loot missions, give to the poor in salvation missions, and challenge the might of the authorities throughout. This cannot get any better for Bengal, when one knows Raghu is there. For the rich: a menace, for the poor: a messiah!

Though he looted the rich, to the needy, the famine-stricken and widows he was always kind. No one would inform against him. The person actually became so popular that with his name we do have a place called Raghunathpur. Raghu Dakat r Kalibari is located in Kanchrapara.